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We are a group of Western Slope residents who are concerned about water in the West and, specifically, the developments of Colorado’s Water Plan. We are concerned about impacts of additional unnecessary trans-mountain diversions from the Western Slope to the Front Range and believe we should first look for ways to better conserve water across the state. Our families, our local economies and our very lives depend on the responsible use of our water resources.

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Sustained drought is taking a toll on the Colorado River and we continue to supply more than 500,000 acre feet per year to the Front Range while trying to keep up with the agriculture, the outdoor industry, and our own drinking water. Recent predictions for future water levels in the Colorado River are bleak; The Department of Interior’s 2012 Basin Study predicts a 9% reduction in water flows for the river in the coming decades.

The drought, and predictions of long-term reductions in water levels mean that we have to be even more vigilant about protecting this resource. Our state water plan needs to reflect the needs of people in all parts of our state and region.

To easily access information and updates about the process and to help protect our water resources well into the future, please sign this petition.

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Please sign our petition and lend your voice to other Western Slope leaders and residents who have said NO to additional diversions of West Slope Water.

Despite the current drought, and predictions of long-term reductions in water levels, many Front Range interests are still hoping to take even more Western Slope water in the future.

Front Range water interests – including Denver Water, Aurora Water, Colorado Springs Utilities, the Northern Colorado Water Conservancy District, the Pueblo Board of Water Works, the Southeastern Colorado Water Conservancy District and the Twin Lakes Reservoir and Canal Co. – to the CWCB this spring stated clearly their belief that the planning process “should begin with an assurance, and not simply a hope, that a new project involving Colorado River water will be a fundamental part of the package for meeting the state’s future water needs.” This would be too much of the same old story. For too long, the thirst of the Front Range has been at the sacrifice of Western Slope communities.

The Western Slope in Colorado has no more water to give. We, the undersigned western Colorado residents, strongly urge you to oppose any new trans-mountain diversion that will take more water from the Western Slope of Colorado, as you develop Colorado’s Water Plan.

We cannot solve our state’s future water needs by simply sending more water east. Through widely supported conservation, efficiency, and other measures, we already have the solutions for meeting all demands. But we need leaders from communities, businesses and governments on both sides of the Rocky Mountains to come together to implement these solutions.

Specifically, we urge you further development a common-sense plan that:

  • Prioritizes modernization and maximization of existing storage and delivery systems
  • Details investment in infrastructure for agricultural delivery and irrigation, on behalf of our strong agricultural economy and heritage
  • Prioritizes municipal conservation and re-use

In order to plan for our future, rural communities, businesses, and agricultural producers on the West Slope require reliable water resources and healthy rivers. Colorado’s Water Plan is an opportunity to secure our long-term economies while promoting forward- thinking solutions that address water challenges on both sides of the Rocky Mountains.

*A list of all names will be sent to Governor Hickenlooper and CWCB Director James Eklund.